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Change is gonna come



Roby Brock of Talk Business passes along this snippet from Gov. Mike Beebe's post-session news conference this morning.

Beebe indicated that he will continue his review of state agency directors to assess whether or not he will make additional changes in cabinet leadership. Prior to the session’s start, Beebe announced that he would retain and let go a multitude of agency directors.

“Don’t let anyone get comfortable in their chairs,” said Beebe suggesting that more hirings and firings may be coming.

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“We don’t want to leave people hanging and we don’t want to let them stew too much. So we’ll try to work quickly and those that haven’t been reassured that they’re going to stay, we’ll try to do that if we know, and those that we’re looking at replacing, we’ll try to tell them that as quickly as possible, too."

Beebe did not name any of the agencies he plans to further review.


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