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Stop the presses! -- UPDATE



Pat Lynch, who never sleeps, tips me to this Fox Sports dispatch. It's not April Fool's Day, so perhaps it's true that Dana Altman (that's him in photo, since you haven't known him long enough to recognize him) has had a change of heart and is not leaving Creighton, despite the Hog-and-pony show in Fayetteville yesterday. One observer said the Altman family really didn't look happy to be there. Maybe they were right. More as we have it.

Lynch said: If true, bad for Daddy Frank. Better fire up the jet and get back from Augusta, bucko. On to plan D for finding a men's basketball coach for the UA,

The Omaha newspaper is posting the Fox story and promising more.

UPDATE: Omaha TV reporting an Altman statement at 6:45 (and confirming.) Alas, Dana, we hardly knew ye. How about a Nutt brother?

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