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Arkansas: A natural place for gay adoption



Here's a statistic that should keep Sen. Shawn Womack and the Arkansas Family Council up at night:

More than 1,000 adopted children in Arkansas -- 6.5 percent of all adopted children in the state -- are living with gay or lesbian parents, according to a study of Census data released last week by the Williams Institute for Sexual Orientation Law and Public Policy at UCLA and the Urban Institute.

That percentage is the ninth highest in the U.S., and only 15 states have more adopted children living with homosexual couples. The study's authors analyzed Census data and other population studies to come up with national and state-by-state estimates, and a caveat about the methodology states that because some same-sex couples might be reluctant to be truthful about their status, the estimates are probably low. They're also based on Census data from seven years ago.

The study also showed that gay adoptive parents are older, better educated and wealthier than their straight counterparts. Read the entire report here. (Link fixed.)

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