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Latest report from the House floor is that the motion on the agenda to extract SB 959, the gay foster parenting and adoption ban, from committee was skipped over. They could come back to it. The betting is that the hateocrats will unleash an e-mail/phone/pulpit barrage on legislators over the weekend. We've already received some Astoturf work for the bill. One mass e-mail quotes extensively from a particularly graphic series of reader comments on the Arkansas Blog last summer. If I'm not mistaken, it was the string that occurred while I was on vacation and prompted Warwick to forcefully argue on my return for a registration process for comments. To shorten the thread to its essence: One reader said homosexuals engage in some unusual sexual activities. Another reader begged to inform the first reader that some heterosexuals engage in those very same activities. I'll leave the rest to your imagination.

Another high profile issue -- making a felony of animal cruelty -- died in Senate committee today. But so, too, did the sham bill the Farm Bureau tried to pass to make the lobby look less like ogres.

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