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Of course it was a lie ... UPDATE



... when Bushistas claimed Karl Rove didn't manipulate U.S. attorney firings and, particularly, put his boy Tim Griffin into a slot in LR where he could bedevil Democrats as he'd once done in Florida for Bush's brain.

And in Arkansas, newly released Justice Department e-mail messages show, Mr. Rove’s staff repeatedly prodded the department’s staff to install one of his protégés as a United States attorney by ousting a previous Bush appointee who was in good standing.


In Arkansas, Representative John Boozman, the state’s highest ranking Republican in Congress, said he recommended Mr. Rove’s protégé, Mr. Griffin, for prosecutor vacancy in 2004, in part because of his ties to Mr. Rove.

A prosecutor in the Army Reserves, Mr. Griffin worked for Mr. Rove as an opposition researcher attacking Democratic presidential candidates in 2000. In between, for six months, the Justice Department had dispatched him to Arkansas to get experience as a prosecutor.

“I could tell that Karl thought highly of him,” Mr. Boozman recalled.

Stay tuned on that Griffin record by the way. It might not be so deep in prosecuting as White House phrasing makes it sound.

UPDATE: Notwithstanding the Washington Post's emergence as a neo-con Bush apologist newspaper, they occasionally run some decent op-eds, such as this one today on the "whys" of the U.S. attorney scandal. It is about Rove's plan to raise the "vote fraud" alarum to depress Democratic voting  turnout. These law professors write on the myth of vote fraud. Sure, some happens. Minor, marginal stuf for the most part, but very valuable to use as a political cudgel and to initimidate black and Hispanic voters.

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