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Hey, hey, good bye Tim Griffin. The House has passed the repeal of the clause in the Patriot Act that allows the White House to indefinitely name U.S. attorneys without Senate confirmation. It had earlier passed the Senate. On the president's signature (and surely a veto is futile at this point, given the commanding bipartisan votes), the White House will have four months to get a permanent U.S. attorney nominated and confirmed or the post is declared vacant and the district court will name a temporary U.S. attorney. Griffin? Not unless the judge wanted to look like a political tool of a corrupt administration.

Of course, Griffin could change course and deign to be interviewed by the Senate, as all of Bill Clinton's U.S. attorneys were. He won't, though, because he clearly doesn't want or intend to answer questions about his smelly activites as Karl Rove's agent in Florida presidential tricks. Or, he could stop the bleeding, accept the inevitable and move on quickly, leaving the office in the capable hands of many fine career prosecutors in the interim.

But class has not been a hallmark of this operation to date, not to mention honesty.

PS -- Even Rep. John Boozman was a "yes" in the 329-78 vote in the House.

PPS -- Hey, Nony, read this Robert Novak column and report. Some excerpts:

...But this is less a Gonzales problem than a Bush problem. With nearly two years remaining in his presidency, George W. Bush is alone. In half a century, I have not seen a president so isolated from his own party in Congress -- not Jimmy Carter, not even Richard Nixon as he faced impeachment.

Republicans in Congress do not trust their president to protect them.  ...

But not many Republican lawmakers would speak up for Gonzales even if they were sure Bush would stick with him. He is the least popular Cabinet member on Capitol Hill, even more disliked than Rumsfeld was. The word most often used by Republicans to describe the management of the Justice Department under Gonzales is "incompetent."


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