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Rumor of the morning ... UPDATE



... That the Religiocrats will attempt to dislodge the gay-bashing bill from the House Judiciary Committee with a floor vote. It would take an extraordinary vote, defy the committee system and cross a speaker who knows how to play hardball. Is the irrational fear of gay people -- and fear of the wrath of homophobic voters -- enough to overcome these difficult circumstances?

UPDATE: Word is that they'll attempt a vote Tuesday to move the bill out of Judiciary, where the measure lacks sufficient commitments for a do-pass. (It's more accurate to say that there are sufficient commitments to beat it.) A two-thirds vote of the House will be necessary to move the bill. Call the roll. Talk about a litmus test on courage, compassion and common sense.

UPDATE II: Rep. Steve Harrelson, one of those on Judiciary who says he will oppose the bill, has posted on his blog the response he's sending to constituents who e-mail him about the legislation.

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