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Lest you misunderstand the agenda of the Walton education "reform" program at their university in Fayetteville, here's a snippet from a NY Times article that should help (about paying for schooling for disabled children):

VOUCHER advocates are closely watching the case because they feel taxpayers should allow all children, whether handicapped or not, to choose private schooling for themselves and recover the public money that would otherwise have been spent on them. “The first obligation should be to the needs of children, not to the need of any public school system,” said Jay P. Greene, professor of education reform at the University of Arkansas.

"Needs?" Make that desires of parents to avoid certain sorts of children and a variety of other considerations that have little do do with need, beginning with religious instruction. Your tax dollars at work in South Waltonville. Wonder how they feel about vouchers at the college level? Taking tax dollars allotted to Walton U. and carting them off to Harvard or Yale or OBU to better meet the needs of the student.


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