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The lying liars



More on the attorneygate document dump.

1) Here's to laugh: Patrick Fitzgerald was near the top of the Bush admin. list of poor performers. Now we learn that list was developed largely by measuring supposed loyalty to the Bush administration, not performance criteria. Independence got you a low rating. Prosecuting Scooter didn't help either, we're sure.

2) The Bushies grew nervous about their deal to sack Bud Cummins so they could put Karl Rove's political hit man Tim Griffin in the U.S. attorney job in LR without a Senate confirmation. Concern grew about potential fallout from the facts, rather than their previous lies:

The documents also show that department officials were concerned Mr. Cummins, the dismissed Arkansas prosecutor, might testify before Congress. On Feb. 1, Michael Elston, a senior Justice Department official informed [Gonzales' chief of staf Kyle] Mr. Sampson that two Democratic senators had requested that he do so.

Mr. Elston said Mr. Cummins had declined, “but wanted to know if we wanted him to testify.”

Mr. Sampson responded: “I don’t think so,” explaining that he could be asked all kinds of questions, including: “Did you resign voluntarily?” and “Were you told why you were being asked to resign?”

Mr. Sampson also said it could be troublesome if Mr. Cummins were asked about his knowledge of his successor. “Did you ever talk to Tim Griffin about his becoming U.S. Attorney?” was one possible question he mentioned, as well as whether Mr. Griffin had talked about getting the job by avoiding Senate confirmation.

DOJ lied to Sen. Harry Reid that Rove and White House had no involvement in  Griffin's appointment, documents show.

Gonzales must go. For the dignity of the Justice Department in Arkansas, Tim Griffin must as well.

PS -- The more that's written in Missouri about Bud Cummins' handling of a corruption investigation related to the Republican governor of Missouri, the worse it smells. Do other U.S. attorneys give private advice to powerful lawyers for governors that their clients are not targets of an investigation from which other U.S. attorneys disqualified themselves because of relationships with the governor? If you want details, here's a Missouri blog going after the governor. It is rich in Cummins posts. He's begun to tie himself in knots with explanations on his role.


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