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I'm going to check Mark Pryor on Hardball, whose earlier appearance at 4 should repeat at 6. And see what the Decider has to say.

File any and all comments here.

UPDATE: Just saw a partial transcript of Pryor on Hardball. To edit and simplify a good deal: Gonzales is a liar and should go; Tim Griffin is likely a Karl Rove hack and possibly a stalking horse to tear down Hillary.

ALSO: The news, by the way, is that The Decider won't let his aides testify under oath. You supply the punch line. Democrats ain't buying. Bush is standing by The Torturer.

Pryor's message is the point of what's necessary-- the departure of Gonzales and Griffin from public office. If it's an unfair outcome, they helped create the appearance of impropriety that require it.



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