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The case of the sexy psychologist



While the Dem-Gaz was scanning the globe for articles supporting the publisher's pet projects, it was overlooking the important work of one of the state's high courts -- the Arkansas Court of Appeals.

Call us crazy. We think it's interesting when a court orders an 85-year-old doctor of psychology to pay alimony to his 52-year-old psychiatrist wife. As is the opinion's mention that the man provided  significant gifts -- including automobiles, lingerie from Victoria's Secret and thousands in cash --  to young Chinese women, rather than retire marital debts. And there's the box that turned up on his wife's driveway with a snake inside and a note saying "Die, Bitch." It's all in an opinion delivered last week upholding an alimony award of a little more than $1,000 a month.

Read it for yourself right here.

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