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Literature and movies are full of this familiar script -- the bully who cries like a baby when someone he's oppressed plants a punch right in the middle of his taunting face.

What makes me think of this? Who else but Karl Rove's hand-picked choice to be the face of justice in the Eastern District of Arkanas as U.S. attorney. That's poor little Tim Griffin, whining to the New Yorker's Jane Mayer, " it's no fun being me right now." Griffin, of course, is the guy who boasted of unleashing hell on Democrats in 2000 and 2004 and participated in efforts to root out voters that suspiciously seemed targeted at black voters, generally reliable Democrats. Now, he says, he can't get a fair hearing in the Senate. Mayer gets the irony of this complaint, it would appear.

It was fun being the guy who poured dirty tricks on Democrats and tried every trick to keep their supporters from voting by "caging" suspect voters for special treatment. No fair when he's getting the scrutiny and, unlike black voters in Florida, the guys on the other side can afford lawyers. Poor little Timmy.

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