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Scanning the blogs



...while looking for signs of the attorneygate document dump, I see I missed some good stuff on the Brummett Blog today after my first check this morning.

1) Has the governor, seeking compromise, gummed up the Walton merit pay bill with some reasonable AEA amendments?

2) I'm overdue to share his outrage over the Farm Bureau's continued opposition to a bill to make animal cruelty a felony. That opposition despite every precaution necessary to allow farmers and ranchers to maim and kill their livestock as needed. I should have written something Sunday when the Democrat-Gazette's outdoor writer threw in with the Farm Bureau and more or less defended the torture of deserving cats, "the most destructive exotic species in America." He said this bill would have PETA arresting you for trying to keep a cat away from your bird feeder. I swear. Read him by copying and pasting the following: And then microwave this sportswriter's dog tonight. It's only a misdemeanor. The Farm Bureau would let you do it as a second time as a misdemeanor, too, if you'd wait five years between microwaves.

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