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In unison: Clinton didn't do it, too



Brummett explains in more detail why the "Clinton did it" defense of Bush's U.S. attorneygate is erroneous. (And makes the perennial good point that it defies logic to defend an action with another wrong, presuming it was.)

PS -- Bud Cummins, ousted as U.S. attorney in Little Rock by the Bush White House to create a career platform for Karl Rove's political attack dog Tim Griffin, will speak at the Clinton School of Public Service at 11:30 a.m. Thursday, March 29. Call 683-5239 to make a reservation.

PPS -- Good commentary from the NY Times

It is true, as the White House keeps saying, that United States attorneys serve “at the pleasure of the president,” which means he can dismiss them whenever he wants. But if the attorneys were fired to interfere with a valid prosecution, or to punish them for not misusing their offices, that may well have been illegal.

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