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Attorneygate document dump



A new batch of documents has begun flooding in to congressional committees. Among them:  a note from Alberto the Torturer himself saying an aide hadn't been correct (i.e., truthful) in sworn testimony about the ouster of Bud Cummins to install Karl Rove stooge Tim Griffin.

By the way, the Senate vote is now Tuesday on stripping the Patriot Act provision by which the White House intended to appoint Tim Griffin for the balance of this administration without Senate confirmation. It will pass the Senate then the House. ThenGriffin will have four months to get himself gone. An honorable person would be packing up now, recognizing how fatally he's been marred by this scandal. But Griffin, a trapped Republican bully, can dish it out but not take it. He's apparently hoping for a miracle.

Watching TV, somebody said Ted Olson was being suggested as a replacement for The Torturer. Also Michael Chertof. Jeez, on the one hand, David Hale's enabler and one of the gnomes who plotted a coup to get Bill Clinton. On the other, another Whitewater scoundrel -- Al D'Amato's errand boy -- and one of the "heroes" of Katrina. What a choice.

NY Times report includes this from Senate debate on revoking the Patriot Act provision on U.S. attorney appointment:

“We can’t trust this administration to use that authority in a fair and constructive manner,” said Senator Mark Pryor, Democrat of Arkansas, who helped begin an inquiry into the dismissals by objecting to the administration’s choice for his state. “They have proven it to us.”

Mr. Pryor and Senator Harry Reid of Nevada, the majority leader, said that the way the Patriot Act revision, which was written by the Justice Department, was introduced last year with little or no consultation with senators suggested that the administration had intended all along to use it to avoid a showdown with the Senate over new prosecutors.

“Now it is becoming clear why they stuck that provision in there,” Mr. Reid said on the Senate floor. “This was a plan they had had for a long time.”


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