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Damaged goods



Doug Thompson, in his weekly column for Stephens Media, writes about the mess the White House made in booting Bud Cummins as U.S. attorney in Little Rock to make room for Karl Rove pet Tim Griffin. Griffin's qualifications aside, Thompson gets to an important point:

The question is, why was Cummins unqualified. Furthermore, replacement Tim Griffin is not an experienced U.S. attorney, whatever his other qualifications.

In addition, now Griffin is damaged goods. Griffin replaced Cummins. That is now what Griffin is famous for.

Last week, I wrote that Griffin lacks any sense of justice for accepting the U.S. attorney's job under these conditions. It gives me some grim satisfaction to know that Griffin will be remembered as the man who was willing to take the job under these conditions. It is the first and lasting impression he's given to Arkansans.

That's some justice, I suppose.

By the way, the LA Times writes about how blogs have driven this story and many other political stories in recent times.

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