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Valerie Plame speaks -- UPDATE



This story has legs. Plame, the former CIA agent, testifies, under oath, that she was a covert operative. When the Bush administration, and their lackeys in the media, decided to out her as payback for her husband's criticism, they undermined U.S. intelligence. The real act of patriots, huh?

UPDATE: Thanks to Rosso for trenchant media analysis. He notes that, while nearly everyone is running strong with the Plame testimony, Fox News, as fair and balanced as ever, covers it in a tiny line way down on its news home page. The lead: Anna Nicole Smith's medicine cabinet. Kid you not.

UPDATE II: Now Fox is going with the administration's last hope to turn attention from its serial blunders and corruption -- scaring the bejeebers out of everybody. The latest is a thin story suggesting that international terrorists have been signing up to drive U.S. school buses. But the still-dead Anna Nicole's billing is still way higher than Valerie Plame's.

UPDATE III: Oh, yeah, remember when Bush promised a full probe of this dastardly leak. Guess what? Nobody ever investigated.

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