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House amendments


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We mentioned earlier that a Senate committee on Thursday recommended three constitutional amendments -- one for annual sessions (and lots more per diem opportunities) and unlimited pork barreling; Steve Faris' wacky notion to enshrine hunting and fishing as constitutional rights, and a measure to clean up obsolete language.

The House State Agencies and Governmental Affairs Committee picked five amendments to send to the joint meeting where they'll see if a consensus can be reached on three amendments.

They are:

HJR 1003 -- to abolish the office of constable.

HJR 1004 -- another stab at annual sessions.

HJR 1005 -- establish a state lottery to support college scholarships.

HJR 1006 -- requiring a three-fourths vote on all taxes. The end-of-government measure, proposed perennially by Republicans, even as they howl for unlimited pork.

HJR 1021 -- the proposal by Will Bond to extend term limits to 12 years, in return for a ban on gifts to lawmakers and a two-year waiting period before a legislator could become a lobbyist. Question: Would most legislators WANT to serve for 12 years if they knew they had to buy their own steaks and martinis and that Don Tilton wasn't ever ready to pick up tabs?


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