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The day the music died -- UPDATE



Bad timing. The Times' spring arts cover story this week includes a number of features on venues -- big and small -- for live music.  One was the Treehouse, a house near UAMS that staged regular shows for music appealing to a younger crowd. See photo.

Oops. The cops and code enforcers busted the Treehouse, on Cedar Street just south of the Burger King, after we went to press. (The article appears in the print edition, but, since the place is now defunct, not on-line.) Operating a business without a license appears to be the core rap. Our Little Rocking blog has a few details and we're seeking more. It's reminiscent of the rave crackdown a few years back.

After the shutdown Tuesday, the resourceful kids moved to a house nearby. Busted again. Crack vice squad gumshoes trailed kids walking from one house to another. But those kids are crafty devils. They tried again Wednesday night and the music played. They vow that the house parties will not die. Power to the people.

UPDATE: KUAR has an interview on-line with the Treehouse operators.

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