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Hero this morning; goat this afternoon



That would be Sen. Mark Pryor, who voted with the Republicans in the 50-48 vote against a Democratic resolution requiring an Iraq troop withdrawal to begin in 120 days. The measure needed 60 votes for passage.

His statement:

President Bush should lay out for the American people measurable goals for stability in Iraq; however, it is a grave mistake to publicly announce timetables and consequently hand over our game plan to the enemy.  I have talked to countless troops and their families who have pleaded with me not to give the enemy any indication of troop movements, especially those showing we are reducing forces.  They know it endangers them and their comrades.  I cannot and will not put our men and women in uniform at risk.

 I do understand the need for troop redeployment plans and have filed an amendment that calls upon the Administration to develop a classified campaign plan for Iraq, which includes strategic and operational benchmarks and classified redeployment dates of United States forces from Iraq as those benchmarks are met.  I believe this route provides the necessary direction to the Administration and keeps our troops safe.  It is in the best interest of our country to achieve a level of stability in the region and to get our men and women home as soon as possible.

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