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Bud Cummins gets it



From the NY Times on Alberto Gonzales' management of the Justice Department:

Former prosecutors say that in dealings with lawmakers, administration officials and others who had complaints or were pushing causes, his department took no apparent steps to ensure that its decisions were free — or at least appeared free — of political taint.

“It’s O.K. for the president to hear and repeat a politically motivated complaint,” said Harry E. Cummins III, the ousted United States attorney in Arkansas. “It is O.K. for Karl Rove to act on it.

“But it is not O.K. for the gatekeeper of the Department of Justice to let it impact what happens inside the department.”

ALSO: We are pleased to note that the Washington Post is now leading with the point we made days ago. Gonzales and others lied to Congress about plans to seek confirmation for Tim Griffin and about White House involvement. Does anybody care that the country's Justice Department is led by a person who gave false testimony under oath?


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