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Election fever


I see Mark Pryor scored about $800,000 at his campaign warm-up last night, even without Bill Halter's contribution. He had to wash his hair or something. Another six to eight million and he'll be set for 2008. Nobody wants a primary opponent, but Pryor would make mincemeat of this potential challenge by the lieutenant governor. And the same for any likely Republican now on the scene, save heavyweight Mike Huckabee. (We'd get some slash-and-burn political theater should permanent temporary U.S. Attorney Tim Griffin try to get even with the senator, who believes people in Griffin's position should go through Senate confirmation as the founding fathers intended. Should Griffin run for Senate, he'd bring Karl Rove's bag of tricks with him.) Presidential outcomes aside, it's easy to believe Huckabee when he says running for Senate doesn't particularly interest him. It's a comedown from being governor. But that doesn't mean he wouldn't.

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