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Nobody ever accused Rep. Ray Kidd of Jonesboro of being a brainiac, but his opposition to a bill to encourage provisions for moderate-income housing in cities, like Fayetteville, where poor folks like teachers and cops are getting priced out of the housing market, reached a new level. From the Democrat-Gazette:

But Rep. Ray Kidd, D-Jonesboro, described the bill “as a Fayetteville-type bill.”

“I just don’t like the bill,” he said.

Ah, yes, dreaded Fayetteville-type legislation. It's somewhat like Hillcrest-type legislation. Pro-environment, pro-human rights, pro-common sense. Jonesboro-type legislation is where you give a helping hand not to strapped cops, but to millionaire developers like Bruce Burrow. Give them a slice of school taxes and let the rest of the state subsidize Bruce.

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