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Senators exempt themselves on ethics



Ever vigilant, Max calls from the airport to highlight yesterday's state Senate vote on a House-approved amendment that would ban current lawmakers from becoming lobbyists until a year after their terms in office end.

The amendment failed, 16-8, two votes short of the 18 necessary for passage.

The senators who ensured the failure of the amendment were ensuring that the bill would apply to future lawmakers, but not themselves.

Here are the eight who voted against it: Bisbee, Broadway, Glover, Hendren, Hill, Horn, J. Taylor and Whitaker.

Here are the eleven who did not vote, which effectively was also a "no" vote: Brown, Bryles, G. Jeffress, J. Jeffress, Luker, Madison, B. Pritchard, T. Smith, Steele, Wilkins and Womack.

The Senate expunged yesterday's vote on the amendment, and the measure may be brought up again. Will the senators choose again to exempt themselves from an ethical standard they would impose on their successors?

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