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Tough review -- UPDATE


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John Brummett caught the Republican candidates at the CPAC confab last weekend on TV and today he gives Mike Huckabee a tough review, faulting the practiced speaker for his timing and comedy in the course of hitting him harder on substance.

Huckabee treated the event the way he seems to treat his campaign - as a tryout for a cable talk show. He seems to want to observe with would-be comedic commentary rather than compete seriously.

This is the event, by the way, where America's Hag, Ann Coulter, called John Edwards a faggot -- to some hooting cheers. Several Republican candidates have hurried to condemn the remarks. I'm searching to see if our former governor has been quoted.

UPDATE: Ouch, Brummett seems sweet by comparison with this blistering review in Newsweek of the same Huckabee speech.

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