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Campaign changes -- UPATE



Blake Rutherford never sleeps. He's now added a political blog to his busy life. And he reports a local scoop this morning.

He says Chip Saltsman, the former Bill Frist lieutenant hired to manage Mike Huckabee's presidential campaign, has let go a couple of long-time Huckabee staffers -- former chief of staff Brenda Turner and Jason Brady, who ran Arkansas's Washington office during the Huckabee administration. Both had been by Huckabee's side from the outset of his political career.

What's it mean? Got me. I've called Huckabee's press aide, Alice Stewart, who says she'll check with Saltsman and get back. Really. She said that.

UPDATE: Saltsman called from  the frozen tundra of Iowa. He says the story "couldn't be more wrong." He says Jason Brady continues to work as a paid staffer on fund-raising and as for Brenda Turner, "Brenda is just taking time off after a 10-and-a-half-year stint in the governor's office. She continues to be involved in the campaign and continues to serve as a senior adviser to me and the governor."

David Sanders promises a column on this topic for Stephens Media tomorrow.


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