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The so-called patriots



Patriotism means the same to the Bush administration that the phrase "support the troops" means. Nothing. It's political sloganeering for actions that are unpatriotic and against the troops best interests.

Brummett illustrates again today with how the Bush Administration has perverted the Patriot Act.

Now we learn that this act contains a previously unnoticed provision arising from a closed conference committee session. It allows the Bush administration to install political pals as U.S. attorneys, meaning federal prosecutors, and avoid the constitutional prerogative of the U.S. Senate to confirm the appointments.

... Some say the Bush administration is punishing prosecutors who have gone after Republicans or not gone after Democrats. Some say the Bush administration wants to put Karl Rove's hatchet man in the federal prosecutor's job in Arkansas so he can dredge up something on Hillary Clinton.

I don't believe it. They'd never get away with it, for one thing.

I don't even think the Bush administration got this provision stuck in the Patriot Act for this specific purpose. I suspect this merely was a casual ploy to make the presidency more imperial. Gruff old Dick Cheney simply believes in an imperial presidency, so long as he runs it for a junior figurehead, and especially in time of war.

What appears to have happened is that favored political friends of the president wanted personal exit strategies - i.e., jobs - during this lame-duck period. Someone noticed that, under this Patriot Act, these pals could get rewarded for a couple of years as no less than federal prosecutors without having to submit to pesky approval from the Senate or partisan questioning by Democrats.

Be it for the most evil of reasons or simple megalomania, it's wrong to stick a political stooge, Tim Griffin, as U.S. attorney in Little Rock for the remainder of Bush's term without a Senate confirmation. Unpatriotic, you might say.

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