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Brummett: Re Tim Griffin



Brummett concedes that Tim Griffin, though a former Karl Rove enforcer, might be qualified to be U.S. attorney. But the Republicans have been sneaky and clumsy about it. And, thank you, bottom line:

The sin is that they've used a buried provision of the Patriot Act to reward a political pal and elude the U.S. Senate's constitutional prerogative to confirm U.S. attorneys.

When a guy won't take questions from Congress or the Arkansas Times, you really have to wonder.

ALSO: The NY Times has another big report on the subject today. Sneaky and clumsy again seem relevant. The Griffin-for-Bu Cummins swap is again depicted as a reward for a White House pet, a somewhat special category. Given this administration's record, is a Bush/Rove pet what we want administering justice?


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