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Counter-offensive --- UPDATE



His charm offensive doesn't yet include returning the calls of the Arkansas Times but permanent interim U.S. Attorney Tim Griffin has given an interview to KUAR's Ron Breeding on his controversial appointment without the usual Senate confirmation process. His overlords rudely shoved aside Bud Cummins to elevate Griffin and told a few fibs along the way about the procedure. It was part of nationwide removal  of at least eight U.S. attorneys in favor of political operatives. Griffin is the former member of Karl Rove's political hit team whose name has been linked by newspaper reporters to some Republican vote suppression activities. Griffin denies evil-doing, of course, if not his stridently partisan background, but says he's qualified and blames his troubles on, who else, partisan hit men on those nasty blogs. Tim Griffin knows nasty. He doesn't deal with specifics of the questions, as we understand it. Hear him on the air at 5:50 p.m. Or click on it right now.

Simple solution, Atty. Griffin. Ask the president to nominate you. Submit to questions by the Senate. Answer them.. If you're as good and pure as you say you are, it should be a piece of cake.

UPDATE: Bud Cummins has been subpoenaed to testify next Tuesday before the House Judiciary Committee. Here's the NY Times.

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