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E-mail from the Arkansas Citizens First Congress, a grassroots group that works for economic and social justice, says the grouphas done the math on the proposal by the state's largest restaurant to roll back the minimum wage for servers who rely on tips to pre-October  levels. It will cost people working primarily for tips -- and almost never with other benefits -- by $1,000 a year.

And thanks to Citizens First, another reason to believe that Rep. Pam Adcock may be the single worst member of the Pulaski County delegation. She's carrying HB 1699, which would exempt a number of types of workers from minimum wage protection. Who? Says Citizens First: Employees in several industries including publishing or delivering newspapers, daycare services, companion care services, and wreath makers.Further, it exempts tourism industry workers from receiving time-and-a-half pay for overtime. UPDATE: It doesn't much change our opinion of Pam Adcock's voting record, but a Labor Department spokesman says Citizen First's criticism on this bill is unfounded. She characterizes it as a technical correction to make exemptions and overtime provisions long allowed in federal law a part of state law, which now tracks the federal statute. A "little old technical correction" in other words. A woman legislator who opposes the ERA remains largely indefensible, however.

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