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Playing politics with justice



An editorial column in today's NY Times speculates on the reasons for the Justice Department coup that fired a slew of U.S. attorneys so that they could install the likes of Karl Rove hatchetman Tim Griffin in Little Rock.

Three suggestions, all apply to the Griffin case: 1) Rewarding friends; 2) building a political platform for a potential future candidate and 3) one we've already mentioned:

3. Presidential politics. The Justice Department concedes that Mr. Cummins was doing a good job in Little Rock. An obvious question is whether the administration was more interested in his successor’s skills in opposition political research — let’s not forget that Arkansas has been lucrative fodder for Republicans in the past — in time for the 2008 elections.

This writer correctly notes that Griffin doesn't plan to seek appointment by the usual Senate confirmation process but also notes that he plans to stay indefinitely. That is, until the bitter end. Unless somebody calls the attorney general to account for lying to Congress about his intention to send every U.S. attorney through the Senate.


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