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High flying


Brummett blog says Beebe flew the State Police plane to D.C. He's mulling whether this makes sense for purposes of economy and executive efficiency. We don't need to mull. A meeting scheduled months in advance is the perfect occasion to book early on the Southwest nonstop to BWI. Even if you have to return early to show your face in the aftermath of a tornado, lest Acting Gov. Bill Halter get too much air time, the full-fare ticket is a heckuva lot cheaper than firing up the nearly defunct King Air with its State Police pilot to fly up and back twice, using up better than 10 percent of the hours remaining on the plane. Call us cheap with taxpayers' money. But we'd also ditch the around-the-clock State Police escort service for governor and wife. And the government-paid groceries, an invention of the last administration that the new administration seems to have speedily adopted.

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