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More on the LR school ruling



Jennifer Reed has provided more reaction and reporting on the federal court ruling in the Little Rock School District case here.

Developments: Rep. Will Bond of Jacksonville has already filed a bill capping state contributions to desegregation in Pulaski County over time  (and, not incidentally, opening another door for his long-sought effort to create an independent Jacksonville school district.)

The business community is cheering the decision. An appeal seems likely by black intervenors, however, so the ruling doesn't immediately end court supervision. The hard-eyed realists, such as School Board member Baker Kurrus, recognize that being in or out of court has little impact on  the day-to-day mission of the Little Rock District -- educating kids, many of them with great if not intractable needs.

The decision has some impact on the division between the School Board and Superintendent Roy Brooks is concerned. It means one less venue for the board majority that opposes Brooks to argue with him, but it won't heal any wounds.

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