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The line is open -- UPDATE



Don't know about you, but I think I'm going to finish off the leftover corned beef (even if some deck grilling is more in tune with the balmy weather) and watch "Friday Night Lights" and hope I don't start tomorrow with a double correction on the first item posted in the morning. (Thanks, Matt, for rising early and catching those mistakes.) And if I'm still awake, one of the posters on the newspaper war thread has put me in the mood to plug Animal House into the DVD for, oh, the 75th time to see "my man," Otis Day.

We'll likely be slow tomorrow. It's Quiz Bowl time in the LR School District and it will take most of the day for me to do my annual moderating stint. You wouldn't believe how smart these middle kids are. And not a one of them is armed, despite what the folks in Cabot might think.

I'll check back in if Matt comes up with that capital projects list. Otherwise, have at a hump day open line.

UPDATE: Hard-working Matt has now sent me a nine-page spread sheet of some $627 million in executive spending recommendations from the General Improvement Fund. Someday, this website will have a feature that will allow me to post documents such as these for your careful persual. The plane's there, of course. $200 million in higher education projects. A renovation at War Memorial Stadium ($700,000, plus a $6 million new press box from other sources). Nearly $13 million for Building Services to buy, fix up, maintain state property (a place where devilment can be done). $209 million for school facilities (isn't that less than expected?) $4 million worth of new state vehicles. $30 million for a tax system at DF&A. $22 million for a nanotechnology program at UAF (see how easy it is, UALR?) $6 million for the Clinton School. Etc. Etc. Lots of questions in other words. But probably no answers tonight. Sorry.

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