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The Beltway Boys -- UPDATE



They really do look down their noses at the rest of us. I couldn't believe my ears last night listening to Chris Matthews interview a supporter of Barack Obama last night on "Hardball." But now the transcript's up. My ears did not lie. Unbelievable arrogance and condescension:

MATTHEWS:  . of my argument, don‘t believe early polls.  However, I have spent weeks now listening to women—pretty educated women, in fact, very educated women, East Coast types, very professional, one after another after another says, I don‘t like Hillary Clinton.  They really don‘t like her. 

And then I look at the polls, she is up to 40 percent.  What is the disconnect?   Explain it to me.  Why is Hillary doing so well in the general population but the cognoscenti, the people around Washington and New York, the people that really read the papers, really keep up, really follow politics, have this complicated problem with Hillary?  What is it about? 

Matthews to fly-over land: You are too stupid to vote.

UPDATE: Warwick informs me that the Daily Howler was way ahead of me on this, bringing some other big-headed Beltway blowhards into the mix and recalling Sally Quinn's famous dismissal of the Clintons for not being her sort of peopole. A taste of the Howler:

First, let’s note the absurdity in Matthews’ belief that the gimlet-eyed harpies with whom he speaks are in fact “the cognoscenti.” We’ve observed his overpaid wife in person, and trust us—it just isn’t so. Matthews speaks to the angry, overpaid, privileged losers who make up the Washington press corps elite. He speaks to his wife—and to Margaret Carlson. These people are not “the cognoscenti.” They’re empty, inane, angry crones.

And that explains the “disconnect” Matthews cited—the disconnect he still can’t grasp. Earth to Matthews: Most Americans aren’t consumed with the anger and envy which drive the souls with whom you have your inane conversations. Many Americans don’t hate Clinton; indeed, many people flatly admire her. In part, they admire her for an obvious reason. They admire her because she has long stood up to ugly, stupid people like you.

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