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At the Capitol -- UPDATE



They're working. Haven't heard much. Senate did pass the bill allowing the governor to separate the Health and Human Services departments.

The currently good bill to prohibit lobbying by ex-legislators for a year after their terms end is due up in House Rules Wednesday. I've been trying to reach Speaker Petrus on the rumored ethics legislation he wants to get behind. I hope he'll consider making this lobby bill part of the deal. Or, heck, double down, and put in a two-year cooling-off period.

UPDATE: I got tied up in a long phone conversation on the most important topic in Arkansas today (the desire in many significant quarters for a new football coach) and I missed Speaker Petrus' return call. But Brummett apparently ran him down today and his blog offers encouraging news from the speaker on the ethics front.

Sen. Hendren's bills to prohibit cell phone use while driving except on hands-free devices were discussed in committee this morning but no votes were taken.

PS -- I don't know nothing about football. But in reference to the offhand reference above to the Hog opera, I think I can safely say that Saturday's events didn't improve Houston Nutt's position at Fayetteville.

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