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Freshman legislator Donna Hutchinson brings a weighty agenda to the table -- people using cell phones to snap photos under women's skirts. I kid you not. She's going to make it a crime to snap photos in public of covered parts of the body if the photographer's intent is lascivious. I'm still kidding you not. (For illustrative, not lascivious, purposes we've supplied a photograph that could be illegal soon in Arkansas.)

The law prohibits looking, taping or photographing, with the purposes of sexual gratification, into a location in which an individual is present and has a reasonable expectation of privacy.

"Now you have these little phones and people can take pictures out in public ... it's legal because you weren't in a place of privacy," Hutchinson said. "As we advance ahead with this new technology we all have to make new laws to keep up with it."

When cell phones are outlawed, only outlaws will have cell phones.



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