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Griffin's godfather



Or make it the godmother. NY Times reports that it was Harriet Miers, Bush's Texas pal and dumped Supreme Court nominee, who intervened to get Bud Cummins dumped as U.S. attorney in Little Rock so that a Karl Rove political hatchet man, Tim Griffin, could get the job as a setup for an Arkansas political career.

It's past time for the Bush administration to nominate Griffin and hold a straight-up conrfirmation. What is it they are trying to hide? UPDATE: I wrote this before seeing the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette. Griffin informed the newspaper Thursday evening, undoubtedly after this news in the Times broke, that he wouldn't seek the job permanently on account of the flak that has come up. He blames partisanship and says he wouldn't get a fair hearing. A fair hearing to Griffin was one that wouldn't go into his record as a political operator. That's not a confirmation process but a sham.

In a closed meeting with senators yesterday, Justice Department officials apparently said Griffin was the only new U.S. attorney out of a group of seven who got his job from direct White House intervention.

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