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The state Ethics Commission has dismissed Jim Parsons' complaint about former Gov. Mike Huckabee's destruction of computer hard drives. If I remember correctly I suggested the complaint seemed outside the jurisdiction of the Ethics Commission. That's what the group decided. Parsons has filed a batch of equally dubious documents in support of a criminal action against Huckabee with Prosecutor Larry Jegley.

Hint to Parsons: A clear and lingering question remains over all the records removed from the Governor's Mansion to Ouachita Baptist University. These were not gubernatorial papers. They were papers under the nominal control of the Department of Finance and Administration and thus would seem to fall under the law that requires protection of public record. Incidentally, the removal of the record is causing problems for the Governors Mansion Commission and private, nonprofit Governors Mansion Association, which generated the documents. This is small potatoes, certainly. The records likely contain very little of great interest, though they might be useful to Mansion supporters. But their removal highlights the secrecy and suspicion that surrounded the Final Days.

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