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Scott Faldon in Fort Smith at the Southwest Times-Record is reporting  on Hogville that Houston Nutt got a contract extension and a raise today for his 10-4 season. I guess you can discount that talk that he might follow Frank Broyles to other pastures. Oh, by the way, there's reportedly going to be a big video tribute to Broyles at his retirement announcement tomorrow.

Hmm. Broyles honored and staying for another year. Nutt with more money and more years. Somebody needs to tell me again how this is going to soothe ruffled feathers. And what if, next fall, after Houston mows down the cream puff schedule, Frank declares he's feeling so good that he's not retiring after all?

"BREAKING NEWS:" Did I mention this earlier? The Democrat-Gazette, at 5:05 p.m. today, moved a breaking news bulletin that said Frank Broyles would announce his retirement tomorrow morning. A little late to the party with this "news," don't you think?

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