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Good luck, Clint



Clint Reed, the Arkansas Republican Party's executive director, is apparently departing to take a southern regional job with the Republican National Committee. Good for him. Arkansas is not exactly vibrant for Republicans at the moment. I'm sorry I had to hear about this first from a good Democratic friend in Benton County. I've had a good working relationship with Reed. I wouldn't ever say we saw eye-to-eye philosophically, but he had his job, I had mine and we talked about it.

Clint was right that the Republican Party needed to be that "party of the open door" again. It's too narrow, particularly in Arkansas, as the primaries proved. Many like to blame him for the Republicans' poor showing this year in Arkansas. I think it's more accurate to blame the candidates and the message. How's that for a sendoff that's sure to poison his reputation for years to come? Kind words from me.

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