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A regular Blog reader had the pleasure of attending an elementary school girls' basketball game today in Little Rock. It matched two private schools -- one with a religious orientation, the other non-aligned -- meeting in the gym of another church school. Her report:

The Christian school had NEVER lost a game, in the past 4 years, and lo and behold, the other school wins the game by one point. It was a very intense ball game. Both teams were undefeated going into the game. Emotions were high after the game of course. Everyone was on the court celebrating or consoling the losing team. All of a sudden, there was a ruckus at the end of the court under the goal. A fight had broken out - between adults. At first, it is very unclear as to what is going on. Children are crying (including mine because she is scared to death), punches are being thrown, etc......

Come to find out, an angry father of one of the Christian school's players approached the FEMALE basketball coach about his child not getting to play enough during the game. I don't know if the coach said something back to the father or not, but the man punched the female coach in the forehead!!! The female coach's father just happened to see the thing go down and charges the man, pins him up against the wall and all hell breaks loose.

Apparently, at some point (there are about 10-15 grown men around trying to hold people off each other) the female coach gets back into the father's face and hits him back. It was a frightening scene. All of this to say, kids were scared, people wouldn't even leave because they were afraid that they might get hurt by the fight, and this is the CHRISTIAN school acting like this, all against each other. CRAZY TOWN!!!!!


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