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Brummett today assesses the early stages of Mike Huckabee's campaign for president. He faces some tricky issues in the Republican primary on account of his blend of conservatism and occasional big-government populism, not to mention his sometimes sharp tongue. It develops that Brummett has been in communication with George Stephanopolous, who'll be visiting with Huckabee on his ABC Sunday show. They exchanged e-mail about that Stephens Media poll that showed Hillary stronger than Mike in Arkansas. Brummett advises that my original post, presuming there might have been a good briefing from the Arkansas angle for the show, was too presumptuous. In fact, the interview with Huckabee had already been taped when Stephanopoulos wrote inquiring about more recent polling in Ark. Not to worry. One of the show's producers talked at length last week with Ernie Dumas to prepare for the Huckabee interview,

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