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Son of Hogzilla



The Supreme Court threw a temporary monkey wrench in the designs of pork-addicted legislators, with a strong ruling against purely local legislative appropriations. Filed this week is the answer: Establishment of the Arkansas Community Assistance Commission to administer "community assistance" money (amount this year yet to be specified). The bill is sponsored by House Hogmasters Petrus and Thyer and Senate Pork Princes Critcher and Womack. (That's not Benny Petrus in the photo with the giant hog, but it might as well be.)

The bill is a breathtaking delegation of authority, both legislative and judicial. The members -- four appointed by the House speaker, four by the Senate president pro tem -- would draw up their own rules for making grants from money appropriated to the commission, including the power to decide whether a grant "serves a state purpose." The commission has unlimited authority to spend money however it chooses. The statute doesn't say it, but it might as well: The Otherhood need not apply.

Calling Mike Wilson.

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