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ERA fails



The ERA failed to clear committee today on a 10-10 tie. Some expected votes went wobbly, as we feared, in the face of an all-out attack by Phyllis Schlafly and others on the Religious Right who don't want women to be treated equally. They raised the usual bogus alarums to mask a preference for a world in which men make more than women, have more powerful jobs and generally run things.

FOR the ERA: E. Brown, Edwards, Hall Pate, Saunders, Wood, Harrelson, Cheatham, Wagner, Sumpter

AGAINST  EQUAL RIGHTS FOR WOMEN: Master Danny Greenberg of Little Rock (an endorsement we continue to have cause to regret), Lance Reynolds of Quitman, Pam Adcock of Little Rock (a woman, double shame), Robert Jeffrey of Camden, David Evans of Searcy, Horace Hardwick of Bentonville (home to Wal-Mart and its anti-woman employment practices), Daryl Pace of Siloam Springs, Eric Harris of Springdale, Rick Green of Van Buren (doesn't think much of women or immigrants apparently), Buddy Lovell of Marked Tree.


Reynolds and Lovell had both been sponsors of the measure. A serving of jellied backbone should be served them for lunch. Perhaps some womenfolk in their districts will ring them up and give them a talking to so the issue may be reconsidered.

Warwick is still working on the video editing.

The Republican weasels smirked today about an amendment stripping some 20 sponsors from the almost 70 who had signed in the House. A proud day for Democrats who went along with that bunch.

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