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When they say it's not about politics ..



... it's about politics.

The Republican Justice Department offered same lame excuses today for the hurryup ouster of a bunch of U.S. attorneys, including Bud Cummins of Little Rock, for reasons that sometimes had suspicious provenance. Cummins, for example, seemed to be widely liked. His possible misstep was investigating a case of Republican corruption in Missouri. Or maybe it was just that Karl Rove wanted his eager former lieutenant and poltical hatchet man, the  hungry Tim Griffin, in a high-profile, high-paying job in Little Rock as a platform to do mischief with Democrats or simply to build a base for a future political run.

That's mostly old news. The current Justice Department lie is that the Bush administration has no intention of bypassing the normal Senate confirmation process.  If that's so, why then did they bypass the confirmation process? And when, pray tell, do they intend to submit to the confirmation process?

We'd like talk to Griffin about all this. But he apparently gets his public relations advice from Mike Huckabee.

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