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We are not worthy


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I spluttered a bit over the weekend about the Wall Street Journal op-ed by Jay Greene, the Walton-paid shill for pet Walton education ideas at the Waltons' university in Fayetteville. Somebody had said I wasn't hard enough on his shoddy academic reasoning and the general outrageousness of his premise that school teachers are paid too much.

Those critics should be happy with a sharp analysis of the Green piece by John Brummett: He got the job done.

Allow me to summarize. Adapting some successful charter school methods and paying more to teachers working extra hours to perform them - that's a worthy notion. Tying teacher bonuses to student test scores is misguided and counterproductive, in my opinion, but debatable and not inherently nonsensical.

What's inherently nonsensical - no, breathtakingly offensive - is for someone interested in those very reforms to be so politically lead-footed as to write an article saying teachers are paid plenty already, and do so while he pulls down $160,000 or more in a public education faculty position himself, and while he is underwritten by a foundation created by wealthy heirs of a fortune gleaned in part from low employee wages and sparse employee benefits.

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