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Welcome to the race, Mike



The Democratic National Committee welcomed Mike Huckabee to the presidential race today with a news release that begins this way:

Today, former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee filed papers to launch an exploratory committee for the GOP Presidential nomination. Immediately out of the gate, Huckabee found himself on the defensive, deflecting questions regarding his tenure as Governor of Arkansas and his record of ethics violations and fiscal recklessness. The most recent scandal surrounding his draining of the state's emergency funds and the destruction of government property before leaving office is bringing to light his long history of bilking tax-payers for his own benefit. Unfortunately, Huckabee's reckless fiscal record is only surpassed by his numerous ethical violations and his lack of accountability.

"If Mike Huckabee is serious about running for President, he needs to come clean about his record of fiscal irresponsibility and history of ethical lapses," said Democratic National Committee Press Secretary Stacie Paxton."Democrats have worked hard to implement ethics reform to put an end to the Republican culture of corruption and whether it's the 14 ethics complaints filed against him or the most recent scandal over bankrupting his home state's emergency fund, it's clear that Mike Huckabee is more concerned with his own interests than the interests of the people he hopes to represent."

PS -- The Huckster had a news conference today at Republican HQ in Little Rock. Through some oversight, we didn't get notice until after it had concluded. But fear not, we'll be turning our little video camera on him sooner or later, unless he has some Bush-style goons around to limit attendance to Alice-"accredited" press.

PPS -- The Huckster is going to rue the day he tried to B.S. :Tim Russert about Wayne Dumond. See Murray Waas' blog for the facts on The Huckster's dissembling, which includes a link to the video of Russert nailing Huckabee. Why do I think Murray, who's well-known among Beltway journalists, might have helped prep Meet the Press for this appearance?

PPPS -- We understand the former governor said he'd be taking some local media along with him on some primary campaign trips. Consider this, Alice, a request for a slot on one of those journeys. But not a chase plane. We'd feel comfortable only on the governor's plane, if you get our drift.


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