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A Blog reader raises a question about the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette's handling of Mike Huckabee's announcement that he is running for president. There was only one, not-so-long story. It was in the lead position on Page One, the upper righthand corner. But it followed a couple of days with no mention of his candidacy, which we first reported Thursday here and which most others, including the Associated Press, matched Friday and expanded on Saturday. The reader's question:

Do you read anything into the coverage given Huckabee's announcement by the ADG? One story?

Here's a guy born in Arkansas, went to high school in Arkansas, went to college in Arkansas, worked in Arkansas...........announcing he is running for president. And one story?

Perhaps he did it to himself by coming out in a television studio in Washington. But one story?

Clinton's announcement in 1991 and Clark's in 2003 were both very much the "local boy" angle with several stories/angles/sidebars.

What do other readers think? I expected a bit more myself. Perhaps the distinction is that he's only formed an exploratory committee and plans to be "out there" as opposed to offering a ringing declaration before a cheering crowd that he was a candidate for president of the United States. There's ample time for more exploring of the man, the myth, the mountain he must climb, that's for sure.

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