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How low can he go? -- UPDATE



Did Mike Huckabee really compare a Democrat-Gazette reporter today to Jayson Blair, the disgraced NY Times reporter who made stories up? Big difference from the Democrat-Gazette, which reported on Huckabee's behavior in his final days in a way that Huckabee has not yet demonstrated was inaccurate, though it certainly was unflattering to him. Truth hurts.

Perhaps there will be a story on this slander tomorrow in the Democrat-Gazette. I think you could argue that the newspaper's decision to give Huckabee an unfiltered op-ed slot Sunday emboldened him for this kind of nonsense.

UPDATE: Brummett was at the Huckabee press conference and elicited the remarks in which His Excellency compared a still-uncompromised reporter to not only Jayson Blair but also Janet Cooke, the Washington Post's famous fable writer. He quotes a D-G editor who disproves Huckabee's assertions, which are far less factual than anything the paper has printed. Brummett continues to give Huckabee a pass on the computer hard drive destruction. Entitled to secrecy of that data though he may be, he hasn't satisfactorily answered questions about the destruction, versus erasure, and cost. And his reps have consistently misrepresented to other reporters what state and private business policy and practice are in regard to hard drives. Nor has he yet offered a plausible excuse for the emergency fund raid. Or how he can claim equipment and furniture as his personal possessions. He's Nixon with greed, a worthy leader of, well, a Banana Republic. But president? Sound the alarm.

PS -- Speaking of hard drives, Republican gadfly Jim Parsons has filed an ethics complaint over the hard drive destruction. I'm not sure  how this falls in the Ethics Commission's domain except for Huckabee's effective conversion of public property to private property. Still seems a stretch. It might work to Huckabee's benefit over time to have a complaint looked at and dismissed. I"d rather the stench linger.

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